Data Quality Control (QC)

The information regarding the AlpArray data quality control are mainteined here.

Please contact John Clinton, Gyorgy Hetény or Irene Molinari for additional information.

Backbone - PSD images

The complete PQLX PSD gallery of the ETH backbone stations (Z3) can be found here

    Z3.A061A HHZ: ALL

    Z3.A061A HHZ : Last Week

    Z3.A061A HHZ : Last Month

    Z3.A061A HHN: ALL

    Z3.A061A HHN : Last Week

    Z3.A061A HHN : Last Month

    Z3.A061A HHE: ALL

    Z3.A061A HHE : Last Week

    Z3.A061A HHE : Last Month

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Metadata changes log

June 7 2017:

We imported a complete new version of the GFZ Z3 stations we got from Peter Evans by Mail. The changes include:

- A118A (Schrozberg) has been closed.

- A118B continues from A118A in almost the same location.

- There are some tiny changes in gains for some stations
  (A111A, A112A, A114A, A115A at least)
  compared to the last inventory file that we sent you (I think)
  on Nov 23  2016.

May 10 2017

We have set the end date of the closed station Z3.A060A to 2017-02-16 10:00 and added the new station Z3.A060B .

March 1 2017:

Changed the station.archive element to SED for the following stations: 122A, A123A, A124A, A126A, A127A, A128A A038A A140A, A141A, A143A, A144A, A145A, A146A, A147A, A147B, A148A, A148B

February 27 2017:

Added missing HHE stream to station Z3.A104B

February 8 2017:

Updated station A334A with a new epoch because the sensor was rotated.

Data availability

Data completeness map of the AlpArray station from 1/1/16 to 30/6/16. Data was downloaded from EIDA in February 2017 using arclink protocol.

Data availability is calculated over the period of time from the installation date (or from 01/01/2016 if installed before) to 30/06/2016 (or to the end of the station operation if before 30/06/2016).
The station list is the list sent by AASN manager in January 2017.

The overall data collection reaches 86.37% of completness and 83.3% for Z3.

Download here the single network data completness plots (one plot per network with all the stations).


Summary of the single network performance. Period analyzed: from 01/01/2016 to 30/06/2016

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