Collaborative Projects

The AlpArray collaborative projects involve many disciplines of solid Earth science combined to address a common scientific question and to yield comprehensive interpretations. Particularly, the 3D numerical modelling techniques have made enormous progress in the last few years and will make it possible, together with large-scale geological studies, to reach a major breakthrough in understanding orogeny.
The scientific research in AlpArray will be carried out in the framework of such collaborative projects, related either to the AlpArray seismic network or to one of the complementary experiments. A group of researchers will address a topic of common interest, share efforts in the analysis and interpretation of data or bring unique skills and methods to the collaboration. For an organizational overview, collaborative projects are initially grouped into topical and regional themes.

 -  Structure, fabric and flow of lithosphere-mantle system beneath the Alpine region
 -  Geodynamics of Alpine Orogeny
 -  Seismicity, Seismotectonics and Seismic Hazard
 -  New Methods and Opportunities in Seismic Imaging

Regional themes:

 -  Western Alpine arc and Northern Apennines: resolving slab interaction
 -  Tectonics and Seismicity of the Alps-Pannonian-Dinarides Junction
 -  Alpine forelands: establishing structure, composition and deformation history