Complementary Experiments

Some of the scientific questions require data at a finer resolution than that to be obtained from the pan-Alpine seismic network. Therefore a number of more local target-oriented complementary field experiments will be carried out within the frame of AlpArray project. Beyond acquiring seismological data, these complementary experiments will also collect other type of geophysical (e.g. gravity) as well as geological data to constrain joint inversions and to aid multi-disciplinary interpretations, with the aid of e.g., high end numerical or analogue modelling studies. The acquisition geometry and duration of these networks will be specifically designed to tackle regional problems and the particular target in question.

AlpArray complementary experiments will be typically organized by a few participating institutions and will form the core of one or more related AlpArray collaborative projects (see next section). Both the larger, fieldwork containing complementary experiments and the more numerous and rather interpretative collaborative projects will be coordinated by the Steering Committee and the Science Council.