April 2018 -AlpArray Seismic Network Paper

The AlpArray Seismic Network paper is now available online. AASn is largest temporary experiment in Europe! Check it out.

G. Hetenyi, I. Molinari, J. Clinton et al.: The AlpArray Seismic Network: a large-scale European experiment to image the Alpine orogeny. Surveys in Geophysics (2018) doi: 10.1007/s10712-018-9472-4 (Open Access)

For this occasion the Swiss National Science Foundation has issued a press release, which you can read here in English, German and French.

Subsequent media appearances:


April 2018 - OBS are back on land

The marine part (OBS) of AlpArray has been installed in June 2017 in the Ligurian Sea and has been dismateled this month (February). Currently the research vessel Maria S. Merian is sealing the Mediterranean to get the OBS back. 

Check here for interesting stories: e.g. the last weekly report from the research vessel life!


3 February 2016 -AlpArray starts!

The AlpArray official starting date is January 1 2016.  2/3 of the AlpArray Seismic Network (260 temporary BB stations) are installed and working. The data are available trought EIDA (only for registered users of the Core Group Member Institutions) 


21/12/2015  -  AlpArray seismic network is now runnning!   

AlpArray backbone is running. 2/3 of the 260 temporary stations are installed and running.  Read more