Second AlpArray Science Meeting | 13-15 November 2019

hosted by Mountain-Building in 4-Dimensions (4D-MB)

Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, November 13-15, 2019


This meeting highlights the first data and results of the AlpArray initiative, a European project launched in 2015 to image the structure of the Alps from their surface down to several hundred kilometers depth in the mantle. It tests the hypothesis that re-organizations of Earth’s mantle during the collision of tectonic plates have both immediate and long-lasting effects on crustal motion, fault kinematics, earthquake distribution and surface evolution. It attempts to understand linked processes between Earth’s surface and mantle beneath mountain belts by integrating 3D imaging of the entire crust-mantle system with geologic observations and modeling. This multi- and interdisciplinary approach enables us to look both backwards and forwards in time, the 4th dimension.

We invite all AlpArray members as well as members of the international Earth Science community to submit abstracts for talks and/or posters.


------------ REGISTRATION (Deadline September, 30th) --------------


  • Probing re-organizations of the lithosphere
  • Surface response to changes in deep structure
  • Capturing deformation of the crust and mantle
  • Tracking motion and seismicity

Plenary sessions:

  • Reports of the research groups
  • What comes after AlpArray?

Special meetings and breakout sessions (preliminary):

  • Upon request: Research Group Meetings, Complimentary Experiment Meetins, Collaborative Project meetings
  • AA Steering Committee Meeting
  • 4D-MB – information
  • Send your suggestions for a special session no later than Aug, 31st to Emanuel Kästle (

Conference volume:

Selected contributions of the meeting will be published as a special issue in a journal to be announced.

Preliminary Program:
A detailed program will be published here before the meeting.


Time & Location:

Nov 13, 2019 - Nov 15, 2019
Senckenberg Museum
Frankfurt am Main