Seismicity, seismotectonics and local earthquakes tomography (LET) research group

Purpose and goals for this WG:

  • to bring together the different AlpArray communities (seismologists from observatories and universities, tectonics experts, deformation specialists, geologists) around a common goal;
  • to coordinate research projects in AA, in particular with regards to Ph.D.s and post-docs research;
  • to provoke a discussion and enable an efficient exchange of best practices regarding both seismicity and local tomography investigations;
  • to provoke a discussion and enable an efficient exchange of other seismotectonic data (fault catalogs, deformation measurements etc.);
  • to further the efforts of processing seismicity data into national and international seismic catalogs;
  • to prepare the ground for later research groups on strong outreach topics such as seismic hazard and risk mitigation. 

You can join the Research Group activities subscribing the group mailing list.


Alessia Maggi (Strasbourg) - seismotectonics
Stefano Solarino (Genova) - seismic tomography
Simone Cesca (Potsdam) - seismicity
Edi Kissling (Zurich) - AA seismic catalogue


Research group meetings

The first meeting of the 1st meeting of the 'Seismicity, seismotectonics and local earthquakes tomography (LET)' AlpArray Research Group will take place in Bologna on 11 - 12 June 2019.

Istituto Nzionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, via Donato Creti, 12, Bologna Italy.

Tuesday 11/06 at 14:00 and will end on Wednesday 12/06 after lunch.

The main topics will be: seismicity, local earthquake tomography, seismic catalogs, seismotectonic data and interpretations. The meeting is mostly dedicated to researchers and PhDs to explain projects, plans and current results and plan/strengthen the collaborations between different teams. All interestd research are welcome to participate.

Registration are open until 1 of june 2019. Nore registration fees, lunch and dinner self payed. REGISTER HERE!

For more informations send an email to Irene Molinari and Simone Cesca.