CASE project: Central Adriatic Seismic Experiment

The main purpose of the Central Adriatic Seismic Experiment (CASE) project is to investigate with up to date research techniques the seismicity and seismotectonics of the Central-South Adria Plate and its 3D lithosphere and upper mantle structure.
The CASE project is carried out as “AlpArray Complementary Experiment” managed by the following 4  participating institutions.

  • ETH Zürich (Department of Earth Sciences and Swiss Seismological Service, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich) represented by I. Molinari and E. Kissling (Switzerland)
  • University of Zagreb (Department of Geophysics and Croatian Seismological Service, Faculty of Science)  represented by J. Stipčević and S. Prevolnik (Croatia)
  • Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Republic of Srpska (RHMZ RS) represented by V. Šipka and Z. Božović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia and Centro Nazionale Terremoti (Italy) represented by S. Salimbeni and S. Mazza.

The CASE experiment must be cited as:

Molinari Irene, Iva Dasović, Josip Stipčević, Vesna Šipka, Dejan Jarić, Edi Kissling, John Clinton, Simone Salimbeni, Snježan Prevolnik, Domenico Giardini, Stefan Wiemer, the AlpArray-CASE Field Team, the AlpArray-CASE Working Group (2018): Investigation of the Central Adriatic lithosphere structure with the AlpArray-CASE seismic experiment. Geofizika, DOI: 10.15233/gfz.2018.35.6.

1st CASE meeting in Banja Luka (BiH) - 13/14 June 2017

The first "AlpArray-CASE meeting"took place in Banja Luka (Hotel Vidovic), 13 and 14 of June 2017.

Beside the discussions and updates about the CASE project (network, scientific project), we discussed about the open scientific questions on the Balkans structure/seismicity, what we know at the moment from a seismologic/tectonic/geologic point of view and what we could improve.
The meeting is open to all the interested scientists.

Organizers: Irene Molinari, Vesna Sipka and Josip Stipcevic.

Participants: V. Sipka, I. Molinari, J. Stipcevic, D Jaric, S. Schmid, B. Tomljenovic, M. Handy, E. Kissling, J. Stipcevic, I. Dasovic, M. Bagagli, S. Salimbeni, M. Herak, D. Herak.


9:30 – V. Sipka: Welcome in Banja Luka
9:45 – I. Molinari: AlpArray and CASE project: a brief overview
10:00 – V. Sipka: Seismic network, seismicity and seismic related activities in Republic of Srpska
10:20 – J. Stipcevic: Seismicity in Croatia and 1667 Dubrovnik earthquake
10:40 – coffee break
11:10 – S. Schmid: Alps, Carpathians and Dinarides-Hellenides: about plates, micro-plates and delaminated crustal blocks
11:40 – B. Tomljenovic: An overview on active tectonics and seismicity in the Dinarides and SW Pannonian basin
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – M. Handy: Shallow vs deep structure at orogenic junctions of the Dinarides
14:30 – E. Kissling: The challenging goal to establish a 3D crustal model for Adria-Northern Dinarides with multidiscplinary seismic tomography.
15:00 – J. Stipcevic: Lithospheric thickness beneath the Dinarides
15:30  – coffee break
16:00 – I. Molinari: Imaging the 3D crustal Vs structure with seismic ambient noise tomography: the Eastern Alps case of study
16:30 – I. Dasovic: Attenuation of high-frequency body waves and its anisotropy beneath the External Dinarides 16:30àCASE meetings and discussions

9:00 – S. Salimbeni: Observation and interpretation of SKS-splitting in the Appenines and Adriatic plate 9:30 à Prevolnik – Observation of SKS-splitting beneath the External Dinarides
10:00 – M. Bagagli: Local earthquake tomography and picking procedures
10:30 – coffee break
11:00 – I. Molinari: Physic based seismic shaking scenarios 11:15 à Schmid – Field trip
11:30 – Discussions and future plans
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – Geological field trip near Banja Luka  (Schmid, Handy)