Data Quality Control (QC)

The information regarding the AlpArray data quality control are mainteined here.

Please contact John Clinton, Gyorgy Hetény or Irene Molinari for additional information.

Backbone - PSD images

The complete PQLX PSD gallery of the ETH backbone stations (Z3) can be found here

    Z3.A061A HHZ: ALL

    Z3.A061A HHZ : Last Week

    Z3.A061A HHZ : Last Month

    Z3.A061A HHN: ALL

    Z3.A061A HHN : Last Week

    Z3.A061A HHN : Last Month

    Z3.A061A HHE: ALL

    Z3.A061A HHE : Last Week

    Z3.A061A HHE : Last Month

Methods - Codes - Presentations


Metadata changes log


Data availability

Data completeness map of the AlpArray station from 1/1/16 to 30/6/16. Data was downloaded from EIDA in February 2017 using arclink protocol.

Data availability is calculated over the period of time from the installation date (or from 01/01/2016 if installed before) to 30/06/2016 (or to the end of the station operation if before 30/06/2016).
The station list is the list sent by AASN manager in January 2017.

The overall data collection reaches 86.37% of completness and 83.3% for Z3.

Download here the single network data completness plots (one plot per network with all the stations).


Summary of the single network performance. Period analyzed: from 01/01/2016 to 30/06/2016

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