Ivrea - Data access and citation


The data is distributed through EIDA (European Integrated Data Archive), all institutes using the ODC node (unless otherwise agreed).

The Ivrea network code is XK (registered with FDSN until 3L.72.2OI8.), station names are lA01A to lA10A (moving sites: change final A to B etc., new station: increase number).

Data access is secured with a password that is only shared with the representatives of the three institutes.
The dataset becomes publicly available 3 years after the experiment ends, i.e, July 2021 according to the current plan.


All publications must include "AlpArray-lvrea Working Group". Acknowledgements will include the AlpArray-lvrea Field Team and mention AlpArray including the website.

AlpArray-lvrea Working Group:  György Hetényi, Matteo Scarponi, Jaroslava Plomerová, Ludëk Vecsey, Helena Munzarová, Vladislav Babuðka, Stefano Solarino.

AlpArray-lvrea Field Team: Jaroslava Plomerová, Petr Jedliðka, Josef Kote, Matteo Scarponi, Leonardo Colavitti, György Hetényi.