EASI - Data Access and citation

Data Access

Data is collected from the stations by the respective station owners. INGV data is collected by ETH, with support from INGV. Data is quality controlled by the three groups. The data is distributed through EIDA (European Integrated Data Archive), IG Prague and U.Vienna using the ORFEUS node, ETH using its own node (also for the 4 INGV stations). The EASI network code is XT, station names have been agreed and distributed (AAE01 to AAE55). Data access is secured with a password that is only shared with the representatives of the three institutes (see above). INGV retains the right to use data from the 4 stations they are operating. The dataset becomes publicly available 3 years after the experiment ends, i.e. September 2018. The collected data should not be used for commercial use. Data should not be transferred to any third party without prior written authorization of all representatives above. New colleagues joining the EASI Working Group from outside must be agreed by 6 out of 6 representatives named above.

Data Citation

EASI Complementary experiment data must be cited as:

AlpArray Seismic Network (2014):  Eastern Alpine Seismic Investigation (EASI) - AlpArray Complimentary Experiment. AlpArray Working Group. Other/Seismic Network. doi:10.12686/alparray/xt_2014
Datacite Link: http://data.datacite.org/10.12686/alparray/xt_2014

Publications will be authored by those individuals executing the research and writing the paper. In addition, all publications must include “AlpArray-EASI Working Group” (see Appendix for current list of members, updated list is held with György). Acknowledgements will include the AlpArray-EASI Field Team (see Appendix), and mention AlpArray including the website if already existing.

AlpArray-EASI Working Group: Jaroslava Plomerová, Helena Munzarová, Ludek Vecsey, Hana Kampfová (planned), Vladislav Babuska (planned), Götz Bokelmann, Irene Bianchi, Florian Fuchs, Edi Kissling, György Hetényi.

AlpArray-EASI Field Team: Jaroslava Plomerová, Helena Munzarová, Ludek Vecsey, Petr Jedlicka, Josef Kotek, Irene Bianchi, Maria-Theresia Apoloner, Florian Fuchs, Patrick Ott, Ehsan Qorbani, Katalin Gribovszki, Peter Kolinsky (planned), Peter Jordakiev, Hans Huber, Stefano Solarino, Aladino Govoni, Simone Salimbeni, Lucia Margheriti, Adriano Cavaliere, John Clinton, Roman Racine, Sacha Barman, Robert Tanner, Pascal Graf, Laura Ermert, Anne Obermann, Stefan Hiemer, Meysam Rezaeifar, Edith Korger, Ludwig Auer, Korbinian Sager, György Hetényi, Irene Molinari, Marcus Herrmann, Saulé Zukauskaité, Paula Koelemeijer, Sascha Winterberg.