CASE - Data Access and citation

Data access

Data is distributed through the EIDA system and it is secured with a password only shared with the representatives of the four CASE partner institutions. The representatives provide a list of registered researchers working on the CASE dataset. The dataset becomes publicly available 3 years after the experiment ends, the official field experiment end being decided by the CASE Steering Group upon proposal by the project leader. The collected data should not be used for commercial use. Data shall not be transferred to any third party without prior written authorization of all representatives above. Each participating institution retains rights over data from their permanent and temporary stations without any limits to the use of this data.


Publications will be authored by those individuals executing the research and writing the paper. In addition, all publications must include as co-author “AlpArray-CASE Working Group” (see Appendix A for current list of members, updated list is held with Project leader). Acknowledgements will include the AlpArray-CASE Field Team (see Appendix A), and mention the AlpArray Working Group and the AlpArray website


Please cite the data from the AlpArray-CASE project with the following DOI and citation:

AlpArray-CASE Working Group

Steering Group:

Irene Molinari (ETH), Edi Kissling (ETH), Josip Stipčević (University of Zagreb), Snježan Prevolnik (University of Zagreb), Vesna Šipka (RHMZ RS), Zoran Božović (RHMZ RS), Simone Salimbeni (INGV), Salvatore Mazza (INGV)

Others researchers: John Clinton (ETH), Ciriaco D’Ambrosio (INGV), Marijan Herak (University of Zagreb), Iva Dasović (University of Zagreb), Dejan Jarić (RHMZ RS).


AlpArray-CASE Field Team: Irene Molinari (ETH), Matteo Bagagli (ETH), Eduard Kissling (ETH), John Clinton (ETH), Vesna Šipka (RHMZ RS), Dejan Jarić (RHMZ RS), Saša Šikman (RHMZ RS), Josip Stipčević (University of Zagreb), Iva Dasović (University of Zagreb), Marijan Herak (University of Zagreb), Snježan Prevolnik (University of Zagreb), Simone Salimbeni (INGV), Ciriaco D’Ambrosio (INGV).